What is a Personal Bio-Energy Assessment?

The CLEAR Energy Method represents a new exciting approach to healing and personal growth. Many chronic conditions are caused by energy blocks. The most important ones are the obstructions caused by hidden emotional conflicts. These conflicts block the flow of energy in the body, which leads to health complaints and illness.

It is not enough just to bring these issues into consciousness. They need to be resolved in the body's subtle energy system where it is stored as a pattern. Here it leads an energetic life of its own, similar to an intestinal parasite depleting your energy reserves and contributing to physical and/or mental imbalances.

Energy blocks can originate from outside the body as well, mostly due to geopathic and electromagnetic stress. The CLEAR Energy Method also addresses hidden metabolic problems such as toxicity, foci and dysbiosis.


Can the CLEAR Energy Method help you?

For centuries, healers, shamans, counselors and therapists have known about the influence that unresolved emotional conflicts and lifestyle stressors have on the body and mind. This technology has been used by practitioners worldwide for over 25 years and they have demonstrated  its health and wellness benefits.

Marcel offers the Comprehensive Life-force Energy Assessment using his unique approach. This system can help to identify symptoms and diseases.

The CLEAR Energy Method can effectively show energy disturbances, known as emotional blocks in your seven major energy centers (chakras) and the multiple layers of your energy body.

The result of a CLEAR Energy Method session

As a result of the assessment you will:

  • Know your energy levels: vital, emotional, mental and trauma
  • Know how to resolve your energy blocks and core emotional conflict
  • Learn to what level your energy is negatively influenced by stress
  • receive a plan how to bring your energy centers in balance

You will have the option to receive an immediate clearing of energy blocks, which will help you resolve your imbalances faster.